The Tokenomics of the FKX Utility Token

A clear description of how our utility token is used in the FortKnoxster ecosystem and community

A Quick Presentation of FortKnoxster — the most secure and private communications platform

In order to address one of the most critical threats to the modern world — cyber-crimes — FortKnoxster has developed a communications platform that uses end-to-end encryption services. Constructed on blockchain technology and advanced cryptographic algorithms, FortKnoxster manages to provide safe and private communications on a multitude of channels: inbox, chat messaging, voice messaging, calling, storage, screen sharing, group calls, etc. Designed for individual users, organizations and businesses, the platform can be accessed and used via a dedicated mobile app and an online website.

The FortKnoxster Token (FKX)

A fixed supply for FKX will be generated during the token sale (135 Million tokens created). A ledger on the blockchain will be established to maintain the FKX token, following the ERC20 standard — this will also permit a secure mechanism for the assignment of FKX to other participants.

There are several ways in which users will be able to further obtain FKX tokens, for example, users can rent out their hard disk space as part of FortKnoxster’s decentralized storage, they can also refer other users to the platform amongst other incentive programs. Users will be able to spend the tokens by acquiring service upgrades.

The Benefits of Gaining Access to the FKX Tokens

By acquiring tokens, the users will be given access to the upgraded version of the FortKnoxster Dashboard — here, they will get all of the features available and in addition to this, they will also get 100GB of storage space (in comparison to the demo account that offers 100 MB). Users also have the option of upgrading to unlimited storage space. Consider all of this cloud space as more storage capacity for all of your online communications — email, chat, calling, file sharing, file storage, group chat/conferences, video calls, calendars, notes, etc.

The Proven Strengths of the FKX token — determining the worth, value and usefulness of the FortKnoxster tokens in a simple manner

Cryptocurrency experts say that the more features the token offers, the better.

By using the FKX token, the members of the ecosystem benefit from several advantages and privileges, this underlines that the token is indeed an utility token with a diversified use and a meaningful purpose. On top of this, a very complex analysis, recently published by William Mougayar, presents some of the most important points an ICO-based platform should incorporate (in regards to not only to the token holders, but also to tokens themselves, their role or the blockchain). For this, he bases his theory on the presentation of three main principles: Roles, Features & Purpose. The ‘Roles’ are the ones that strictly determine the purpose of the token; then, the ‘Purpose’ causes a certain set of ‘Features’ to be implemented. Together, these three elements create a unique environment for the token’s usage to be made visible and tangible.

Taking this analysis into consideration, FortKnoxster is now able to list and detail the top strengths of its token (especially by evaluating its utility):

✓ The token is tied to a product usage — FKX tokens are closely connected to being used inside the FortKnoxster communications platform

✓ The user can contribute to the platform and can also improve its storage capacity (by renting out their hard disk space) — in return, the user is rewarded with tokens. Rewards are also achieved by actively participating in the Bug Bounty (submission of security reports of bugs encountered in the platform, with Proof of Concept).

✓ The user is rewarded for his active work — by inviting friends to join the platform; this is done by granting the users a specific, fixed FKX token amount.

✓ The user is rewarded for his passive work — through loyalty, by using the platform

✓ The token can be used for payment of services

✓ The FKX token is the main payment unit

✓ FortKnoxster builds a complete ecosystem using the FKX token and Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

Quick Facts and Figures

  • 80.325 Million - Tokens available for the token sale
  • $15 Million - MAX CROWDSALE CAP
  • FKX is an Ethereum ERC20 token

Token Distribution

The largest dispensed quantity of the FKX tokens will be directed towards the Token Sale. More precisely, there will be 59.5% available for the token sale. This means that out of the total of 135 million FKX tokens issued, 80.325 million will be allocated during the token sale.

The remaining number of over 40% will be assigned as follows: Partners & Advisors (12%), Community Incentives (11%), the FortKnoxster platform itself (10%), Founders (7.5%).

Token Sale

Our pre-sale starts 5. February 2018 @ 12.00 CET and public token sale starts 19. February 2018 @ 12.00 CET.

Got Questions?

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FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company offering secure and private communications for all.